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After at least a year looking for the sport that would be best for me to get back a body which I felt comfortable in, I finally set foot in a gym for the first time.Just like that, I was hooked ! The atmosphere. The people. The environment ... It simply felt like home.I got so fond of the bodybuilding universe that I rapidly got my diplomas to become a health and fitness professional and also started to compete in a bodybuilding championship.If I had to describe what I like most in the bodybuilding & fitness industry ? When you’re at the gym, everyone in the room has at least one thing in common : we're all trying to elevate ourselves. Whether it’s physically, psychologically or emotionally, we want to improve our daily lives.In a gym, we have a common ground, we all want to become the best version of ourselves.


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A completely personalized sports and nutritional follow-up according to your needs and objectives via e-mail or whatsapp. You also receive an indoor / home program established and adapted by LBodyFit and the calculation of your macros with a typical day for follow-up on the basis of flexible food.

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Premium coaching & follow up

A follow-up completely personalized to your needs and your goals, established and adapted by LBodyFit according to your evolution and a number of private coaching sessions that you define yourself (minimum 1x / month). You also receive, if necessary, a gym plan established and designed by LBodyFit & the calculation of your macros with a typical “day in your plate”. All based on flexible dieting (IIFYM).* Available only in Geneva or Lausanne.

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I’ve always attached great importance to the sporting activity since childhood. Later in my woman’s life, I had a period during which I was no longer comfortable in my body.It was through those rough moments that I discovered my passion for fitness/bodybuilding and it gave me my confidence, in myself and in my abilities, back.

In 2016 I graduated from the FISAF International school in Switzerland (FITSPRO) as a Personal Trainer and Group Class Instructor.I have been helping women, but also men, to (re)make peace with their bodies through a comprehensive follow-up combining training and nutrition ever since.

Drawing on my experiences as a Bikini athlete since 2018, in addition to my daily work with my clients, I know that gaining muscle mass or losing fat requires discipline, consistency and self-questioning.

Whatever your goal is, I will design a program suitable for your level, your schedule and the material you have available (home or gym). Assuming that support is an important variable, if not crucial, in achieving your goals, I am a very available coach and always respond to the slightest request as quickly as possible.



What My Clients Say

Lydia says:

Lorène has been the best support one could ever need! She is everything you would look for in a health & fitness professional, always keeping herself up to date in regards to new techniques and studies. She has helped me truly understand how nutrition works and how important it is! She always knows how to challenge me during our training sessions and is happy and helpful with any questions/doubts I have Thank you Lorène, you’re my savior!!

Constance dit :

Je suis plus que ravie des services de Lorène ! Elle m’a préparé un programme qui correspondait parfaitement à mes attentes et à mes capacités, ce qui m’a permis d’atteindre mes objectifs rapidement. Son parcours et ses objectifs ont beau être complètement différents des miens, elle a su être très juste dans ses conseils et propositions. Lorène a été très encourageante tout le long du process, toujours positive et à l’écoute. J’ai adoré faire ce travail avec elle, je me sentais en confiance et j’étais effectivement entre de bonnes mains. Merci Lorène !

Fabs says:

I was training in my local gym and thought I knew it all but then one day Lorene showed up… She asked me if she could give me a few tips regarding my lower body workout. She showed me how by improving my movement I could lower weights and still get better results. The next week she offered to train with me and after that workout I really realized how poorly I had been training. I ended up asking her for workouts & diet plans, and haven’t looked back since then. I’m so thankful Lorene actually came up to me to offer her help because I gained on so many levels. I learned so much about my body, about nutrition and I also made a great friend. Looking forward to that next workout!

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